20 October 2009

Magnificent Maningala Part 2

I just could not complete the breathtaking scenery from Maningala in my earlier post. So I am attaching more photos in this post with following exciting sceneries:

• The view of Batticaloa to Trincomalee side
• The view of the trail from the peak
• The view towards North

The above picure shows the view of Knuckles Range from Maningala Peak. You can view the complete set here.

Just sit back and enjoy :)


clo said...


D said...

Breathtaking photos of this beautiful countryside. Remarkable slide show. Thank you for sharing those with us.

Anonymous said...

Seriously K ! These are sooo gorgeous..., you could make post cards out of them ! Better add your tag to the pictures to protect their authenticity.

rainfield61 said...

The hillscape is magnificient.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful scenery and views, thanks for sharing.

poefusion said...

gorgeous view. have a great night.

George said...

These are beautiful views, as are the all of the pictures in this set. Your pictures remind me of the mountains around here.

Janith said...

I love the pic showing the Batti and Trico side... the colour of the sky is that perfect blue! great shot K! :D

Amila Salgado said...

Some great captures there, K.
Knuckles range is truly paradise for nature travellers.

Kirigalpoththa said...


you are most welcome!

Good suggestion I'll think about that..:)

Yep it is! Knuckles Range is so fascinating.

You are most welcome!!

Thanks very much!

I have seen your pictures of beautiful mountain in your area. Glad we both have same interests :)

Yep it is one of my favourute too. Also i like the one with the view towards North!

Yep it is a real paradise no doubt!

Thanks all for your wonederful comments!

EJ said...

Hey man, thank you so much for dropping by my page.

I bet it is called at the peak of that mountain.

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Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking, indeed! They're all so beautiful
Keep shooting photos & sharing them w/ us!

Inday said...

When you stand at a perfect vantage point of view, the result of your photographic subject is always guaranteed Top Notch like this one.

Very pretty and calm out from the sight of civilization. It's heaven on earth a replica of Eden.

Ebie said...

Very scenic and serene, must be a beautiful place!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Since Sri Lanka is in the equator the usual temperature is around 30 degrees Celcius, but on top of this mountain it is quit cool around 15 - 20 C

I just voted you daughter :)

Definitely i will update more on this area and share more photos :)

Bonnie Bonsai,
You are very correct. I didn do much on the top just started clicking all around and each picture turned out to be a good one. It is a top notch vantage point :)

Thanks very much for dropping by :)

Thanks all for your comments!!