23 August 2016


After a quest of 4 years, I found Kalumediriya (Calamander or Coromandel - Diospyros quaesita) saplings. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kalumediriya is endemic to Sri Lanka and it is one of the rarest plants. It is a slow growing tree and it takes more than 100 years to grow to its full scale. This is classified as a super luxury class wood.

Above picture was taken from Haldummulla Herbal Garden. We bought 35 Kalumediriya saplings from there and planning to plant them in 35 homes.

For those who live in Colombo can see a Kalumediriya plant at Baddegana Wetland Park.

01 August 2016


This 100 feet waterfall is known as Mohini Falls. It is situated 2km from Nallathanni, on the way to Sri Pada.

The water cascades like flowing hair of a woman. As per the folklore, Mohini is a female non-human spirit (ghost) who target men.

A few men would dare to walk near the falls alone, after dusk.

18 July 2016

Enchanting Forest

This is another photo from the cloud forest of Sri Pada reserve. Isn't it magical to wander in these forests?

07 July 2016

Crying Demon

This 60m waterfall is situated above Sama Chetiya (Peace pagoda) of Nallathanni Sri Pada route. The name of the falls is 'Yaka Handu Ella'. It translated to 'waterfall of the crying demon'. I have no idea how it got its name.

I took a photo of the same falls sometime back from the top of Adam's peak.

03 July 2016

Cloud Forest

Cloud forests are generally found in tropical mountainous areas. The main characteristic is that there is a low cloud layer. The mist gives an enchanted look to the forest. Cloud forests are quite rare and found in very few places in the world. Luckily, we find cloud forests in most of the montane rain forests in Sri Lanka.

Above picture was taken inside a cloud forest somewhere in Sri Pada range.