28 November 2016

11 November 2016

Towards the Edge

This photo was taken, while we walking towards the edge of Diyaluma Waterfall.
A breathtaking view of Koslanda can be seen from the edge of the waterfall.

24 October 2016


Above photo was taken from the edge of the hard rock on top of Diyaluma. A few feet away, there is a vertical drop and water falls about 700 feet and goes under the bridge of Beragala - Wellawaya Road. You can see the road below and a van travelling on the road like a dot.

09 October 2016


Above photo was taken from Dolosbage mountain range. It is situated in the boundary of Central Province adjoining Kegalle District of Sabaragamuwa Province. You can reach here via Dedugala or Nawalapitiya.

The highest peak of this mountain range is known as Kabaragala which is over 4,500 feet high.

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03 October 2016

Top of Diyaluma

We recently had a great hiking adventure closer to Diyaluma waterfall. We camped near Uda (Upper) Diyaluma waterfall. Above picture was taken from top of Diyaluma and you can see the silvery line of water falling from the edge of the cliff.