13 July 2013


This is a super destination for hikers. Lakegala is situated in Knuckles Mountain Range close to a very remote village called Meemure. The above picture was taken from that village. As per the legend, Ravana, a mythical king of Sri Lanka used this mountain as a landing strip for his aircraft.

Once I tried this with a bunch of friends but failed just below 200 feet from the top. The last bit has an incline of around 70-80 degrees and climbing that stretch is really tricky.

You can read about that adventure through the blogs of Halik, Indi, Meg and Jerry.

07 July 2013


This photo was taken near Norochcholai close to Puttalam Town (Pass Mundal Lagoon) Norochcholai is a fishing village. Also this area is close to Kalpitiya which is famous for dolphin and whale watching

Norochcholai is just three hour drive from Colombo. 

18 March 2012


This picture of Poonagala hills was taken from Wellawaya. I love Wellawaya because of this scenery.

Poonagala hills are famous for its viewing points such as Lipton Seat, Millennium Point and Pilkington’s Point. Also Diyaluma falls form from the streams flowing from these hills.

03 March 2012

Towards Diyathalawa

I went thru' this forest, while travelling from Haputhale to Diyathalawa. Haputhale, Diyathalawa and Bandarawela known for cool and less humid climates, quite close to temperate zones in the world.

This stretch of forest is about 3-4 km. More pictures of this beautiful area is shown here.

16 February 2012


This waterfall, known as Surathalee Ella, was seen on the way from Beragala to Balangoda. It is a delightful sight on the A4 road.