09 October 2016


Above photo was taken from Dolosbage mountain range. It is situated in the boundary of Central Province adjoining Kegalle District of Sabaragamuwa Province. You can reach here via Dedugala or Nawalapitiya.

The highest peak of this mountain range is known as Kabaragala which is over 4,500 feet high.

03 October 2016

Top of Diyaluma

We recently had a great hiking adventure closer to Diyaluma waterfall. We camped near Uda (Upper) Diyaluma waterfall. Above picture was taken from top of Diyaluma and you can see the silvery line of water falling from the edge of the cliff.

01 October 2016


Diyaluma is the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. At over 700 feet, it is second only to Bambarakanda.

The road to Diyaluma, is as beautiful as the waterfall. The waterfall is formed by Poonagala Oya, a tributary of Kirindi Oya, which meets the sea at Bundala.

There are many hiking routes and camping locations beyond the waterfall and you can climb to the top of the waterfall as well. But you need to be careful, as this area belongs to the wild. There is a high chance of close encounters with a herd of wild elephants along these tracks.

18 September 2016


I like railway stations. Typically, lonely little ones in the hill country like Rozella and Great Western.

Idalgashinna is by far the most beautiful railway station in Sri Lanka. It is situated between two stations Ohiya and Haputhale. It is at an elevation of 1600m from the mean sea level.

Idalgashinna is a vantage point and you can see panaromic views from both sides of the station. The stretch between Idalgashinna and Haputhale gap is very scenic. On a clear day, you can see up to Hambanthota towards South and beyond Nuwaraeliya - Welimada from the North. But that is a rarity as most of the days, mist is covering the surrounding areas.

The 8km stretch between Ohiya and Idalgashinna also unique, as the train passes through 14 tunnels! That is the maximum for a stretch between 2 stations in Sri Lanka.

To learn more on railway tracks in Sri Lanka, refer my earlier post.

10 September 2016

Sunset in the Mountains

This picture was taken near Uda Diyaluma around 6pm.

We went pass Diyaluma falls on A4 and turned to a gravel road. Then climbed about 2 km along a footpath through the forest and reached here. We walked further and reached a point above Uda Diyaluma falls and camped there overnight.

Faraway, we can see Balathoduwa and Gonmollikanda.

This is one of the best area for hiking and camping in Sri Lanka.