29 August 2016

Giant Vine

This giant woody vine (Liana or 'Pus' wela in local language) can be seen near Hunuwila, Opanayake between Pelmadulla and Balangoda. As per what I have heard, a major part of this vine was cutoff sometime back for no apparent reason. Still this is one of the biggest of this variety in the country.

You can see the bigger part of the vine on the left bank. A part of it goes over the river to the other side. The river is known as Wey Ganga, which is a tributary of River Kalu

I have seen a smaller cousin of this variety in Sinharaja sometime back.


betchai said...

that looks eerily beautiful, love it.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks Betchai.

My mind went to fairy tales. Bit like the Jack's beanstalk :)