24 March 2011

127 Hours

Have you seen the film, 127 hours? I remembered it while jumping over this vertical crevice with the trapped boulder between the walls of rock.

The picture was taken at mini 'Worlds End' of Knuckles Range.


Whacko said...

Woah, nearly escaped chopping ur own arm off there :p i watched the film, i thought it was pretty intense, but making whole movie about just that one incident resulted in it being a wee bit draggy..i thought.

Kirigalpoththa said...

:D.. Yes the story line may be not enough for a film. But I am amazed of that guy, Aron Ralston's courage!
Thanks for your comments.

rainfield61 said...

We have so many similar places, but never hope to have other similar cases.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

That looks SCARY.... Hope you all are CAREFUL when you are hiking in places like that.

I have not seen that film--but I can only imagine what it was about....

George said...

I can understand why you thought of the movie when you jumped over this crevice. I'm glad they won't be making a movie about you being trapped here.

Frieda said...

That's a great picture!
I didn't have the courage to see that movie, even though I read it is a good one...

Shifan said...

That's a wonderful and unusual picture.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes it is scary to even think of.

Yes the film is based on the true story about Aron Ralston, mountaineer/canyoneer, where he stuck in crevice from a fallen boulder like in the picture.
I will never be carefree like him especially after watching the film. Thanks for the advice :)

yes, this boulder just reminded me of the film.
I do not think there will be any story in the first place even if I fall. :) I do not think I will have 10% of his courage to survive such fate.

Yes, for me it is so far the best story about human courage and survival.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks all for your wonderful comments.

Amaris in Wonderland said...

I haven't seen the movie, yet - but your pic certainly reminds me of the trailers i've seen. Do be careful out there!! :)

I've only fallen once - a mere 13 feet, but it did result in the refracturing of my coccyx from a previous injury a few months prior. Not fun, at all... The worst was the hike out. :/

Love this shot!

Kirigalpoththa said...

13 feet fall is not small and could have given anyone bigger injuries.
I will be careful. Thanks :)
Safety should be the no. 1 priority in hiking. Yes, once you are injured, hiking out will be a nightmare.
Thanks a lot for your comments.

Magerata said...

Ha, as an avid canyon crawler, I watched the movie with great interest. I have been to the same place, Robbers roost, where the story took place. Anyway you will love Utah, it is a hikers paradise. I am going on a trip to Canyonlands NP at the end of this Spring, for 10 days, with bunch of professional photographers. (I am going as an assistant camping guide, perhaps I will learn some photography stuff) By the way I also visited the mini world's end last December! and loved the whole area. Thank you for sharing the photo and provoking some thoughts!

silent moments said...

thats a precarious rock !
nice capture.

Janith said...

Didn't watch the movie, but did see the trailer and heard so much about it from friends. :) That looks like a scary crevice to jump over! :O

Kirigalpoththa said...

I would love to hike in those lovely areas of Utah oneday. Hopefully in 2012 (No world is not going to end in 2012.) :)
Hope you will get some excellent tips about photography during the trip. Glad you made to Mini World's End.

Silent Momnets,
I love taking photos of unusual rock formations like the one above :)

There are some youtube clips where Aron Ralston himself doing a demo of what happened in the crevice. Not for the faint hearted though.
I think I lack fear of heights, and I should develop it to stay safe.

Thanks all for your comments.

betchai said...

no, i have not seen 127 hours, must be a movie of strength and endurance? what a beautiful shot.

Kirigalpoththa said...

It is definitely on strength and endurance but more importantly on the amazing inner power for survival. Thanks for your comments :)

Amila Kanchana said...

Hi Kiri, How deep is it below that boulder? Whats the length of the leap across? Can you hold yourself steady when you get to the other side?

Kirigalpoththa said...

the crevice is about 100 feet in height and even below is no steady land but the precipice. So you may call the depth is much more than 100 feet. The leap right over the boulder is about 4-5 feet. But i jumped a bit towards the left where the width is only 2 feet. :)

Knatolee said...

Wow, looks dramatic! I'm glad you managed your jump without any amputations.

Rain Drops said...

Have heard of the new Danny Boyle movie but never saw it. Just watched the trailor in Youtube.


Amazing stuff!! SHould watch it soooon...

Thanks for shariing.

Kirigalpoththa said...

The view is truly beautiful here.
I do not think I will survive an amputation :D

Rain Drops,
It is an amazing story.you should watch it.

Thanks all for your comments!