22 September 2009

Rozella Station

I like railway stations. Typically, less crowded ones in the outstations. I particularly like the ones in hill country and down south. I remember some interesting little stations like Demodara in the Uva Province and Thalpe in the Southern Province long time back when I used to travel so often. We used to travel in the foot board of the train and step down at every station that the train stops. That was real fun!

This particular station, called Rozella located between Nawalapitiya and Hatton in the upcountry railway line, is one such lonely little station. I have uploaded more pictures of upcountry railway stations here.


Janith said...

wow, K, that's an extensive collection of photos you've uploaded! really nice! :)

I wonder if you have any photographs of the Thalpe station... would love to see what it looks like... :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Sorry, I do not have one. Those were the days I never carried cameras. (I couldn't afford one anyway :))
The station is between Galle n Mathara close to Unawatuna. Must go there one of these days. :)

rainfield61 said...

The rails form a very unique geometry which is my favourite.

poefusion said...

Hello~ This and your other pictures are great. You must've traveled a lot to get them too. Sounds like you had fun riding in the trains and stopping at each unique station. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

George said...

I really enjoyed all the pictures of the upcountry stations you uploaded. Great views of the countryside.

Jane said...

All the photos are beautiful and fascinating stations - I like them too!

James said...

I like rail stations and trains. This one looks really nice nestled in all of that green

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi K, I have a love for railroads and railroad stations. My Dad worked for the railroad ---and we traveled by train when I was young. I remember so many great experiences on the train.

Thanks for sharing.

arc said...

Do you have any photographs of the bentota station? (Within the Bentota Tourist Compound)

Harshi said...

That's a nice scenery wrapping the lil station.. and your pic collection is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Sharodindu said...

Lonely station peaceful with nothing but absolute loneliness...
Nice shot..I liked all the pics in Picasa too..
thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

I like railway stations, too, especially in lonesome areas.
Greetings from Germany sends
Steven D!

Neil Tasker said...

A terrific shot. I love this pic. Really catches the atmosphere. Cheers.

betchai said...

very interesting picture, for some reason, I too am always attracted with taking pictures of railways.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yep, it tells you about ‘infinity’.. looks like coming from one point yet they never neet together :)

Infact, all these were taken in one trip. Getting down at each little station is real fun!

You are most welcome. The sceneries here in the upcountry are my favouites.

I like the stations in the Wales and Scotland too!

Yep, unlike stations in the city, these are surrounded with greenery.

That is nice to know. So you must have lots of stories to tell about your dad and railway!

I have been to Bentota station, but sadly no photos right now. I shall upload one when I do my next visit to the South of Sri Lanka!

You are welcome. I want to cover the rest of the stations too in Colombo - Badulla railway track. Right now I have only those. :)

You are welcome and glad you like them!

Steven D,
Greetings from Sri Lanka! Those lonely stations are really interesting to explore.

Thanks very much for dropping by and for your comments

Glad we both share same interests :)

Thanks all for your wonderful comments!

The Rambler said...

Nice site and photos. Well Done

Mumbai Paused said...

If I come for to Sri Lanka, it will be for these trains.

Kirigalpoththa said...

The Rambler,
Thanks for dropping by and for your comments!

Mumbai Paused,
Yes..these journeys are very enjoyable.. Hope you will like this interestin post by Anastasia on the same railway journey :)