13 June 2009


It is quite nice to see beautiful sceneries of countryside in a short drive from Colombo.

If you travel towards Avissawella (East of Colombo) you will find sceneries of picturesque countryside within a very short drive.

This beautiful scenery was captured on the way to Bulathsinhala (South East of Colombo).


Chavie said...

That's a nice photo K! :) Seems like a cleared rubber estate? I get the fortune of seeing scenery like this on quite a frequent basis on the road from Colombo to Rathnapura, especially the stretch from Eheliyagoda to Avissawella which is brilliant and surrounded by mountains on both sides... :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes, There are many similar sceneries all the way on these roads. Eheliyagoda - Avissawella stretch is really nice too.

The section on the left is a rubber estate but the small patch on the right is cleared.
take a few pictures along Ehelyagoda road when you go there next and upload to your Picasa :)

Thanks for your comments.

Harshi said...

Yep, it sure has a countryside look n feel.. and nice mountain range too.. much like a scenery from the hill country. Thanks for sharing. ^__^

rainfield61 said...

It seems to be a peaceful place that we called countryside.

I went to similar place last weekend, and I was caught in a jam, not a traffic jam, but within a herd of cows.

ηiRσ said...

Yeah I know..I've been on that road from Colombo-Avissawella a few times and found it so green! Such a nice change from Colombo :)

foto CHIP said...

Yes a beautiful landscape. Is it hills or mountains? How high are they?

betchai said...

lovely and beautiful countryside. it is great that in a short drive, you get this beautiful scenery.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes, scenery looks really nice although it is a short distance from the city. Mountains are still further away but you can see them quite clearly.

Oh! I thought traffic jams are only in the city.  Even in Sri Lanka in the villages you see herd of cows crosses the road from one grass land to another.

Yep it is a good road to travel too. Road condition is quite good. Infact, Avissawella is still in Colombo District but you see a vast difference.

Foto CHIP,
Ones seen here, quite far away, are more or less hills - In the range of 500 – 1000 feet. But when we travel further into the central part of the country you start climbing higher mountains. The highest in Sri Lanka is known as Piduruthalagala of the range of 8000 feet. The second is just below 8000 feet and known as Kirigalpoththa (The name of this blog) 
BTW your weblog is very nice!

Yes. It is quite a remarkable that you get different vegetation, climates and geographical changes within a very short distance in the island.

Thanks all for your great comments!!

Glennis said...

it is lovely countryside, great view, lots of ttrees have been chopped done so the clearing might make the view even better.

Kirigalpoththa said...

It is a rubber estate and part of the estate is cleared. Some times they do it to re-grow trees. If that is the case it is good.

Thanks for your comments!!

Photo Cache said...

that is really refreshing sight. happy sunday.

eileeninmd said...

It is a beautiful landscape. Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

Dimple said...

Nice photo, thanks for sharing.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Photo cache / Eileeninmd / Dimple,

Thanks a million for your comments! :)