14 June 2009

An Evening in a Paddyfield

The last time I posted a picture of a paddyfield in Mellawa. This post sums up the full set of pictures taken at the same place.

The entire area was completely green in colour. I was in the paddy field almost all the evening and it was such a joyful evening. The setting sun and the sky above the paddyfield was a great scenery too.

The inspiration came from this very interesting blog - Colors of Joy!


rainfield61 said...

This paddy field is rich in everything, at least at my place.
I can find catfish in there.

betchai said...

i miss this kind of field, this brings back my childhood memories of happily running around paddy field.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Catfish in paddyfield... That is great! We do find fish in paddyfield but not catfish..very rarely we find a few varieties of fish in the same family..locally known as 'ankutta' and 'Magura'. Not sure about the exact name.

You were not born in US? Glad you had the experience of running around in paddyfields. We used to play in the muddy paddyfields when parents are not around..good old days :) We called it paddyfield rugger..better than beach rugger

Harshi said...

Wow.. that's a nice set of pics. It must be the first time I'm seeing a closeup of a paddy field.. =D well.. I shouldn't be saying this when there's a one behind my house, just few meters away. lol

Kirigalpoththa said...


My grandmother's place (Where I lived when i was a kid)was called an 'Ovita'. The reason is it is surrounded by paddyfields from all sides except from the front. The front of course you get the road and a stream parrelel to the road.

Think you must be enjoying the same view I enjoyed those days :)

Rajesh said...

The green fields are always nice and soothing to watch. They are simple but very pleasing. Nice snap, I enjoyed it.

ηiRσ said...

I grew up in the city but I always wanted to live near a paddy field in a little hilly village when I was small...Your post brought back those memories!

Kirigalpoththa said...

They really do! I always like greenery! Thanks for your comments!

Paddyfield in a little hilly village! that will be really nice..Well above is not really in a hilly village but definitly very beautiful place. I'll try to show one in my next posts :) Thanks for your comments!

Unknown said...

Paddy fiels always attract with their greenery. Can't take my eyes off them like those in Bali too.

sbarrkum said...

2004 was visiting my ex's friends about two miles away from Mattegoda, Kottawa. The rear of the house bordered a paddy field.

Saw saw this lady in shorts working the paddy field. Female 40/50's in shorts working a paddy field., my interest was piqued. So walked over and had a chat. She worked a regular job in Colombo (cant remember what) and after work and on the weekend she would work the paddy field. I was impressed, lot of work and dedication.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Keats the Sunshine Girl,
Yes, I too have seen pictures of Bali and its paddyfields. Very beautiful!

thanks a lot for your comments!

That is very interesting! I am impressed too.
Hard to find such characters but we being an agricultural nation for 2000 odd years..all of us should have that mindset..
Thanks for sharing your experience!!

Enigma said...

Wow, what color. Thanks for sharing this part of the world. Truly magical...........

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks and you are most welcome :)

Jim said...

So green and lush.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Gennasus said...

That's a lovely green. No paddy fields over here, although the torrential rain last week left many fields in the area under water.

Kirigalpoththa said...

J Bar,
Many thanks for your comments!

Atleast something is common.. We also had some heavy rain here last few days :)
Thanks a lot for your comments!!