20 November 2009


Hope you remember the remote village Etanwela, I mentioned some time back. This time I’m taking you to another village in the mountains but situated in a different area.

Dedugala is situated in Kegalle District, in Dolosbage Mountains. To reach here you have to turn at Bulathkohupitiya on Karawanella – Kegalle road.

The road from Bulathkohupitiya to Dedugala is one of the most beautiful roads I have travelled. The narrow, winding road will take you up the Dolosbage Mountains and if you have a four wheel drive vehicle, you can even end up at Nawalapitiya. Believe me; I saw 6 delightful waterfalls along this road up to Dedugala which was not more than 12 kilometers. Some of the prominent ones are mentioned below and like in another trip; I saw a few anonymous waterfalls as well.

• Nalagana Ella
Rikilla Ella
Rukmal Ella
Ritigaha Oya

The above picture shows the village, Dedugala.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh My----bet that drive up the mountain is beautiful. I'd love to see ALL of those waterfalls, K.

Thanks for posting such a beautiful place. Hope you show us some of the waterfalls soon. Are they on your side slideshow?

Kirigalpoththa said...

None of them is yet on the slideshow. I'll post about them one by one, and of course i'll add them to the slideshow as well :)

Janith said...

Looks like a lovely village K! We pass through the Karawanella - Galigamuwa road quite frequently on the way upto Kandy, but I've been to Bulathkohupitiya only once... The Dolosbage mountain range was once featured on Sarisara, it looked like a very beautiful place... :)

Awaiting your pictures of the waterfalls! :D

Kirigalpoththa said...


To reach Bulathkohupitiya, you have to take A21, not Karawanella - Galigamuwa road. But that road is recently upgraded and much much better quality road. A21, is one of the worst A roads considering the road quality, yet it is one of the most scenic roads.

I have not seen Dolosbage in Sarisara, but glad they did it. If you are travelling again from avissawella side, turn towards kegalle (via bulathkohupitiya) at Anguruwella junction. If you go straight you will end up at Galigamuwa.

Will post waterfalls soon! :)

N said...

Wow...that looks amazing. Any idea what the status of teh forest behind the house is and whether the farmers encroach, etc on it?

Janith said...

K, you have been tagged! :D


hope you don't mind! :)

Carol said...

Thank you for the window into this lush and green mountainous part of the world. I would love to see all those waterfalls too. Maybe someday I will have the good fortune to travel there. Lovely photo! Carol

rainfield61 said...

Seeing your picture makes me feeling at home.

Kirigalpoththa said...

By the outer looks I didn see any cultivation of any sort (Chena, Enasal or any illegal cultivation) But since I didn wander into forest area Im not in a position give the exact answer. Thanks for your comments :)

Thanks very much and no worries at all :)

I hope you will get a chance to see this part of the world very soon :)

Really? Thanks very much for your comments as always!

Amila Salgado said...

Boy! You have done some travelling in this country! Nice of you to share this beauty. Thanks!

Kirigalpoththa said...

May be I have travelled a bit more than an average person, but there is a hell of a lot more to cover before I get old. Thanks a lot for your comments :)

George said...

I wish I could have been with you on the road so I could see those waterfalls.

Kirigalpoththa said...

I'll definitely take you there if you come this way :)

Nayomini Weerasooriya said...

Hi - I just found your site when I was checking up on Dedugala. We visited it yesterday, taking the Awissawella Karawanella road but it was pretty late in the day, around 6 pm and the skies were heavy with rain. At a bend that connects through a bridge in heavy grid territory, we turned back. The deafening noise of the grid related waters below terrified me. My husband and I were looking for an estate Happyland in Dedugala and we couldn't find it because my i phone wasn't working in the area (no service). We are hoping to go back - hope the road is safe enough to travel. The river was also swollen and we were a bit worried. Thanks

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Nayomini,

Was it raining heavy over there during that time? I think during rainy days, water in the Ritihgaha oya and other little streams over there will surely get bigger and little bit rough with gushing water.

The road is quite safe but better to travel day time if you are going there for the first time. The road condition is good up to Dedugala. But the road from Dedugala onwards is not that easy unless you travel in a 4WD. The same road that will lead you up to Nawalapitiya side.

Thanks for sharing your experience and hope you saw some of the waterfalls on the way.