24 September 2010

More from Thalawakele

This picture was taken somewhere close to Thalawakele. Note the little bungalow at the bottom left corner.


rainfield61 said...

If it is your bungalow, you must have been asked to invite your friends for a stay.

Offthebeatentrack said...

Wonder whether that's the Thalawakele bungalow, stayed there many times as a kid but difficult to recognize from that pic. Used to spend so much time in the hillzone but I rarely go there now :( Really miss it.

Me-shak said...

Wow, lovely. I really like the green and the clouds. Super work as usual. Really looking forward to see more.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Wish I have a bungalow like that :D

No idea what exactly is that one. But looks like a fabulous place to live.

Thanks very much as always. :)

Frieda said...

great picture. I wish that bungalow was mine...what a beautiful place to stay...

Anonymous said...

Each tree casts a unique shadow.

Different sizes brings different view points of experience into being.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful photo! I love the green hills and the bungalow.

Wikeds said...

I like that little house in the left and the overcast sky. Really col shot mate. Just out of curiosity, what is the camera you are using?

magerata said...

Thanks KP,for keeping my heart beating. Beautiful scene.

Loshini said...

Tea plantation estate? Love the green as usual..

silent moments said...

fairy tale stuff .. :)
wonderful capture!

betchai said...

what a beautiful panorama picture.

George said...

I can only imagine the view from that bungalow.

Nicole said...

I was just thinking how gorgeous it must be to have that house there on those green rolling hills.
I wonder what living there is like.

Janith said...

Beautiful, those tea terraces have the perfectly maintained look. :D

Indrani said...

Lovely scenic shot.

Sankara Subramanian C said...

Brilliant Shot! Nice green tea estates. Resembles the tea estates of western ghats of India

Kirigalpoththa said...

That is my wish too :)

Natural Moments,
Yes, those tall trees are marvelous. I fully agree with you.

Thanks and glad you like this picture.

This particular picture was taken from an ordinary canon point and shoot camera (SD790 IS) :)

You are most welcome :)

Thanks all for your comments!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes, the bungalow is in a tea estate. Tea plantations are always full of greenery.

Silent Moments,
Glad you like it :D

Thanks a lot :)

Yes, it must be a great view from there. I'm sure about it.

It must be a great experience to live in a place like that and walk around the estate every day.

Yes, usually around Thalawakele area we find most perfectly maintained tea estates.

Thanks :)

Yes, I have seen pictures of Western Ghats and it is quite similar to central highlands of Sri Lanka.

Thanks all for your wonderful comments.

Johnny Nutcase said...

cool picture! Love that sky!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Johnny Nutcase,
Thanks very much!

Tammie Lee said...

dreamy wonderful~

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks :)

cat said...

Love how you've captured the dramatic sky that looms over the landscape.

Harshi said...

Great scenery with the signs of a heavy pour. Whoever lives in that bungalow are so lucky.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Glad you like this photo!

Yep, they are lucky! :D