16 March 2010

Towards Kudawa

This scenery was captured between Weddagala and Kudawa, on my way to Sinharaja rain forest.

Hope you can identify all the different types of palms in the picture.


clo said...

always the same breathtaking your photography's K....
You leave on a fantastic island...
thanks to share with us...
see you...:o)

Loshini said...

Hmm.. tall palm, short palm, green palm, baby palm.. How'd I do so far? :)

Nice picture, K!

Looks a bit like your post 'Reflections'. The water in the sowing boxes I think :D

Me-shak said...

The clouds are amazing K! I just love them :D

Super picture =)


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful picture, K... I love seeing those clouds and the mountains in the background... Gorgeous!!!

Can't help you with the Palms... Sorry!

eileeninmd said...

Lovely shot! The palms are gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful habitat for the birds.

Glennis said...

While I can not name them all I recognize several different ones, I think one of them is Fox tail fern, that we saw in far north of Australia, maybe a Phoenix palm as well.

Kirigalpoththa said...

You are welcome and thanks a lot for your comments!

Good start! But you can be more specific :)
In fact both mirrors and this one were taken at the same time. So it was sowing season everywhere :)

Thanks a lot :)

Yes, I liked this scenery mainly cos of the mountains faraway!
Palms - No worries :) I have explained some of them below

Yes, you are right. Those tall palms provide good resting places for the birds.

Thanks for the attempts :)
Mainly there are three palms in the picture as far as per my observations. I have seen Phoenix palms in Sri Lanka but not sure whether it is in this picture.
1. Kithul Palm - These are the two palms in the middle of the picture. I'm not sure about the exact English name, but as per Wikipedia, they are known by many names i.e. solitary fishtail palm, toddy palm, wine palm or jaggery palm.
2. Arecanut - The tallest one in the picture.
3. Coconuts - Very common tree in Sri Lanka - ones in the bottom right.

Thanks all for your comments!!

rainfield61 said...

By the way, I like what Loshini has commented. Anyhow, they are still palms. Haha

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes both of you came up with cheeky answers :D

Janith said...

Arecanut, Coconuts and Kithul? ;) Lovely picture K! :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Correct! Thanks :D

Loshini said...

Oh, Mirrors, not reflections. My bad.. woopsie!

Kirigalpoththa said...

No worries :)
So I think this will explain all the types of palms. :D
'tall palm = Arecanut Palm,
short palm = Coconut Palm,
green palm = Kithul Palm,
baby palm = a small arecanut

Harshi said...

Beautiful countryside scenery. We've got so many varieties of palms in Lanka, but even I'm not really good at differentiating most of them though. Oh and if there's anyone interested, here's a good link to identify palm types.

Penny Says said...

hi ...
i just came across your blog...and wanted to say that your photography is amazing...tc..:)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Harumi,
After some time! :)
Thanks for the interesting link. It seem to be having all the types of palms in the world. In fact they have identified 'Kithul' as Fishtail Palm.
Thanks a lot for your comments!

Thanks a lot for dropping by and for your comments! :)