28 January 2010

Ritigaha Waharaka Fall

This is a part of a series of cascades sighted on the way to Dedugala.
These are situated about 7-8km from Bulathkohupitiya.


බිඟූ said...

එච්චර උස පේන්නේ නෑනේ..
වෙන කෝණයකින් ගත්ත පිංතූරයක් නැද්ද?


rainfield61 said...

At the end, I'll travel the whole SL after following your blog regularly.

Kirigalpoththa said...

වෙන පිංතූර නෑනේ...පහලට යන්න වෙලාවක් තිබිබේ නෑ..
මෙ ඇල්ල එච්චර උස නෑ!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Great! I have already covered a good potion of Cerok Tokun cos of your updates :)

Carol said...

It seems there is no end to lush verdant landscapes and waterfalls in your world Kirigalpoththa! The spaces of the villages and between them are all equally beautiful! You lead us on an ever green and intriguing journey. ;>)

Janith said...

Beautiful waterfall K! :D

Amaris in Wonderland said...

Love the waterfall shot!

I just saw your pics of the paddyfield at Mellawa - they are breathtaking! Made me wish there was a portal "option", so i could just pop in... :)

Unknown said...

Can I come on over?
I am getting a tad tired of sand ;)

George said...

Thanks for sharing another beautiful waterfall with us.

eileeninmd said...

Another great waterfall, I have been enjoying your photos!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I'll ditto what George said, K.... You know how much both of us love seeing your waterfalls.

betchai said...

yes, like Rainfield, I have traveled and hiked SL through your blog. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful crystal clear water my friend. It feels refreshing just seeing it through your lens. And thank you so much for the info on hiking across the island. I look forward to hearing more of your adventures.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Glad I could do that and hope to post more similar places as much as possible :)

Thanks mate!

Yes, that was a great evening. I spent the whole day in an estate close to that paddy field belongs to one of my close relative.
It is a pity that we have not invented star trek type portals yet :)

You are most welcome to come here :)

George and Betsy,
I am just trying to match you with your count of waterfalls.. ;) Looks like it is not that easy to come even closer to you!

Glad you did :)

You are most welcome :D

Thanks mate! I shall update all the information as soon as I embark on my next journey!

Glennis said...

Very nice waterfall, everyone enjoys them. So cool and refreshing and the lovely tinkling sound too.

Unknown said...

The magic of falling water! It always mesmerizes!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Glennis / Stine,
Thanks a lot for your comments!!

Unknown said...

I hope I can convince hubby one day :)
My Mom just has been there (again) over Christmas.
Sigh :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Did she? So your turn is next :)