22 January 2010

Ritigaha Oya

Ritigaha Oya is a tributary of River Kelani. It is the main water resource in Bulathkohupitiya area. The same stream is the principal source for many waterfalls like Rukmal Ella and Nalangana Ella.

This scenery was captured on the way to Dedugala from Bulathkohupitiya.


Bindhu Unny said...

What a cool scenery! :)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

breathe taking photo,
love your open mindedness here,

cheers, ;)

Anonymous said...

Water sculpts the landscape into unique and wondrous forms. What shall we become when we let the water flow effortlessly in, through, and over our being. We shall become beautiful like the landscape.

Glennis said...

Waterfalls are so nice and relaxing, I wonder if this is where your hike, from previous blog, took you. A nice place.

Janith said...

The beautiful streamed backed by the lush rainforest! :D Nice capture K!

rainfield61 said...

Water, rock, trees, what a good combination.

Dominic Sansoni said...

What a place! and that rock covered with greenery is bliss.
Thank you

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi K, I remember Rukmal Ella ---but I still clicked on the link and looked at it again. Gorgeous!!! What a beautiful area! WOW!

Sigma Delta said...

Nice, I can almost hear the sound of the water!

Carol said...

Wondrous waterfall and lush landscape! I should love to just sit there for a good long while. ;>)

Loshini said...

these pictures seem to exude an immeasurable peace.. thank u :)almost makes one believe in miracles

Unknown said...

Gosh, nature is so beautiful there!

betchai said...

i can hear the water and the ruffling of the leaves, i am inside the forest :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Bindhu Unny,
Thanks a lot for your comments! :)

Many thanks for your comments! :)

Natural Moments,
Thanks. Wise words and I agree with you!

This is another place; I will bring about Bandarawela soon :)

Thanks a lot for your comments! :)

Yes a great combination! :)

Yes, this area is rich with similar sceneries!

Yes, I would love to wander this area again! There are lots of beautiful things to see.

It was a few months back, but I can still hear the sound of water :)

I am sure you would. I was the re for hours :)

Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comments!

Thanks a lot for your comments! :)

I am glad that my simple still picture could do that :)

Thanks all for your wonderful comments!!

George said...

This is a beautiful section of the river. I like the way the water cascades over the boulders.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks a lot for your comments!!

eileeninmd said...

I do not think you can go wrong with the lush landscape and the beautiful waterfalls. Great shot.

Victoria Tsavdaridou said...

Marvelous waterfalls!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Lindz said...

a combination of rocks and leafy trees makes great pictures

Noel Morata said...

i love the lush nature, it has an almost untouched appeal

Tes said...

Beautiful photo, refreshing to look at!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Eileen / Vicky / Lindz / Noel / Tes / J Bar,
Thanks all for your wonderful comments! :)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I love the water flowing down the fall. It is so soothing. Great photo.

Kim, USA said...

Oh wow that is awesome scene. So lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Frozen delight

Kirigalpoththa said...

Ann / Manang Kim,
Thanks for your wonderful comments! :)