31 October 2009

More Paddy Fields

I like taking photographs of paddy fields. Above photo was taken at Kumbaloluwa village off Nittambuwa. Every paddy field has its unique beauty. You can compare above with paddy fields of Etanwela, Mellawa and Ampara to see this difference.


Anonymous said...

That's so serene ! Views like this are so relaxing to the mind...another great shot K !

rainfield61 said...

I always think of my paddy fields everytime I look at yours. Paddy fields are beautiful.

betchai said...

i actually love paddy fields too, and meadows, they are always so peaceful and inspiring to look at. that's a beautiful paddy field

Janith said...

I think it's the yellow flowers that make this picture even more attractive... :) Personally my favourite paddy fields would be the endless stretches of them from the East... they're breathtaking! :) Good capture K!

Anonymous said...

Now now thats BEAUTIFUL! I love the lush greeny effect.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful shot of the field, K. You do take such great pictures.

eileeninmd said...

I love your paddy fields, it is a beautiful scene. The flowers in the foreground are pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot! It looks so peaceful..

Maude Lynn said...

Beautiful shot!

Tes said...

paddy field at it's best -so green! very relaxing!

Anonymous said...

Is it not properly maintained ? I see an entire section of weeds. Great picture:)

There is a collection of trees in the middle of the paddy field, is it a Sri Lankan thing

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks a lot for your comments as always!

Yep they are nice. BTW do you own paddy fields?

Thanks a lot for your comments!

My favorites are the ones in the hill country - The terraced paddy fields.
But I was quite amazed when I saw vast paddy fields of East, for the first time.
Yes that yellow flower does make the picture more attractive!

Yep, my favorite color is green and I too love this type of lush greenery.

Thanks very much for your compliments!

Yep the flowers really add more beauty to the scenery!

Yep it is very peaceful scenery!

Mama Zen,
Thanks very much for your comments!

Thanks a lot for your comments :)

Yes, one part seems to be bit neglected.
Sometimes you get higher areas in the middle of paddy fields, where you see a few trees as well.
Usually these little plots are used for thrashing the harvest to collect grains. (Kamatha)
In this picture, there is a small canal flows right across the field and you see a few trees either side of it. Most are bamboo.

George said...

You're right -- each of these fields does have a unique beauty. I hope you'll show us more in the future.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Definitly! I'll show you more for sure :)
I just can't stop posting on paddy fields..
Thanks very much for your comments.

poefusion said...

Those yellow flowers set this scene so beautifully. The paddy fields afford an expansive view one can grow comfortable with. So peaceful looking. Hope all is well.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks very much for your comments :)