07 July 2009

To All Nature Lovers

Hi Friends,

I felt this unusual feeling the other day as I am not sure whether I’m doing the correct thing or not by exposing the beauty of Sri Lanka.

I heard that some of the unique and beautiful places in Sri Lanka were flooded with people after a few television programs broadcast sometime back. Also I heard that the pristine beauty of those places was damaged due to such mass influx of people.

I usually do not give the exact details of the locations for simple but weird reason that I do not want to see these places get crowded with people in times to come. In simple words, I prefer to see only the nature lovers visit these places. Hope I’m not showing my jealousy here. :)

I just thought of posting this to get the views of everyone before embarking on my next moves. I am planning to give some of the most exciting places of Sri Lanka in the next few months to come.

Best Rgds


betchai said...

i understand your mixed emotions, it is indeed nice to feel and embrace the serenity of nature.

Harshi said...

Gosh really? that sounds awful.. -__-

Yep, think we should educate those ignorant people on how to enjoy the beauty of nature without spoiling it.

George said...

I can understand your mixed feelings. You want to share these beautiful sites, but you don't want to see them over-run with people. I hope you will be able to share these scenes with us without giving too much information concerning their exact location.

Linnea said...

Yes, it's like a double-edged sword! We want everyone to be able to enjoy nature's bounty and beauty, but we must all become educated about protecting it and preserving it...

N said...

Sadly a common conundrum for a lot of travel writers from what I've heard. I would try to balance access and sensitivity in trying to decide on giving out such locations. For example for a very difficult to access site (in the middle of the Knuckles for example) it might not hurt to be more specific. For an easily damaged, accessible site (such as one located say off the regular hiking trail in Horton Plains) it might be better to be vague.

Just my thoughts...though since I'm moving back to SL soon and I enjoy my adventure...can I get some specific locations?:)

rainfield61 said...

As long as everyone of us helps to take care, otherwise, there is no much hope for our earth in the far further.

Janith said...

Yep, I understand what you mean... a fine example of a wonderful gift of nature getting destroyed by publicity would be "Bopath Ella" in Rathnapura... and I totally understand and support your rational of keeping the exact locations under wraps... So only the real nature lovers will be bothered to find out more information and visit these places... :)

awaiting the next few posts with excitement! :D

sbarrkum said...

In general any place that you have to walk more than a mile or two to get to will have much less traffic (true all over the world). Worlds End, Horton Plains is one of the exceptions and probably because, of the need to keep up with Jonses.

For most casual sightseers, any place to have a day picnic is fine. That means carting along lots of food, booze etc. Taking all by foot is not going to happen.

Anyway vague directions are fine. As Chavie said the determined hiker/nature lover will find it out.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the overwhelming responses. Think some of you completed my post with some very valid points. Glad i could get to know true nature lovers like you thro' this blog. I will give you the exact locations of all the places I have gone whenever you planning to visit these places.

Cheers to all!

Betchai / George,
That mixed feeling came suddenly but with a reason as it has happened before.

Harumi / Linnea ,
We should educate others, especially the younger generation whenever we can.

Yes. It is a responsibility of everyone.. Still a few of us may be able to do much better than what is expected..

I agree on your thoughts and I shall give you some specific locations before your next visit :)

Yes real nature lovers will find the location even if you do not give any location details. Your example is a perfect one for my concern.
I will post my next set of locations soon.

Your thumb rule is very true. If you pick a random person, generally he/she is not willing to walk more than a mile. Whenever there is a mortorable road, there will be high traffic.

Thanks again for your comments!!

Amila Salgado said...

I made a short afternoon trip to a local rain forest yesterday, which is just 1 hour from my house. I ventured inside to do birding alone and had very good time seeing lots of birds with absolutely nobody to disturb. Sadly, I was shocked to see so much of litter deep inside this forest.

You should not stop sharing beautiful spots in this blog, though.

Kirigalpoththa said...

That is a common problem everywhere.

Sometime we need stern actions to avoid such mis behaviour. e.g. No polythene when entering horton / Siri pada etc ...

Tks for the comments mate :)