26 July 2009


This picture was taken at a place called Navimana, about two kilometers from Warakapola town towards Mirigama. Navimana is an ‘Aranya Senanasanaya’, a place where Buddhist monks and devotees could meditate in a place of seclusion. The closest word I could gather is ‘hermitage’.

The temple is situated on top of a small hill. The place is similar to Buddhangala and Arankele, but the vegetation is quite different as it is situated in the wet zone. The entire locale is covered with rich foliage mostly of mahogany trees and lots of undergrowth. It was very relaxing to walk along the path to the top of the hill.

The above picture was taken near the temple and it shows part of the panoramic view as well. I have added more pictures here.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

How beautiful.. Looks like a wonderful place. I call a place like that a "retreat"....

Have a great day.

foto CHIP said...

A beautiful picture and place - just right for meditation I think :)

George said...

Navimana is certainly in a beautiful location. I enjoyed all the pictures you posted. Thanks for taking us along with you.

Sylvia K said...

What a lovely shot of a lovely place! I can definitely see meditating there. What a great retreat that would be!

rainfield61 said...

It is a peaceful place that always links to Buddism and temple.

Janith said...

lovely scenery K... is Navimana close to Muthukirana Gala about which you blogged? Indeed the contrast between Dry and Wet zone vegetation is striking, and we're truly blessed with having such variety within such a small island... :)

Harshi said...

Wow.. the place looks so serene and peaceful. Didn't know there was an 'aranya' in that area. And I guess in a place like this, we don't have to worry about going green, since green is everywhere. =D

Thanks for sharing.

betchai said...

a very peaceful and inspiring place, thanks for bringing to us the beauty of nature.

Lee Spangler said...

Wow! Your site is so exciting. I wish I could hike there and meditate. Just the thought of going to Sri Lanka! So many places still to see!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

I wondered, looking at the photograph whether I've seen this place. Then found that it's like a hilly terrain in the Sahyadri hills where I live. Sri Lanka is beautiful!

Moon and Sun in One Photograph

Kirigalpoththa said...

'Retreat'- That is a better word :)
Have a great day!

foto CHIP,
Most of the similar temples are situated very close to nature so it is ideal for the residing monks for their daily meditation.

You are most welcome and I’m glad I could do that. Hope to bring more in the future :)

This is a place a very few people know but those who know the place visit here often. It is a great retreat.

Yes, this place is situated in a very peaceful location, ideal for a temple.

Very good observation! Yes this lies roughly about 15km away from Muthukiranagala.
The view I saw in this place is of Ambepussa and Alawwa sides. In the Muthukiranagala it is towards Gampaha side. But I’m sure I saw Navimana side from Muthukiranagala but was not in a position to identify exact peak.
The change in vegetation within a small distance is one of the main attractions of SL.

Even people living close by also not know about the existence of such place. In a way that is what is meant to be. :)
That is one of the greenest place I have seen within this area.

You are most welcome and it is a very inspiring place.

Hi Lee,
Thanks for dropping by. I agree so many places to see. At least we managed to see a glimse of each one through bogging :)
Hope you could visit here one day..

Amila Salgado said...

Another interesting Forest Buddhist Hermitage. I don't think I have heard about this place before. I will make a detour on my next trip to/from Kandy to visit this place, thanks.

Nicole said...

What a beautiful panorama!
I love (and miss) mountains :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Oh..You are from the same area where the famous Sahyadri hills.. I would love to visit there one day. I have seen some very beautiful scenery in pictures. Thanks a lot for your comments!

Just turn towards Mirigama from Warakapola town and you can reach here. Thanks for your comments and funny that we both have posted on two different forest hermitage at the same time.:)

Thanks for your comments! Yes I too can't stay away from mountains :)

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Hi Kirigalpoththa,

The place you have asked in my Wildlife Photography Exhibition blog post is called Varandha Ghat. It is in the western ghats of India. This particular place is about 100 kms. from my home. You guessed it right; it's indeed a stunning location.

Dominic Sansoni said...

Thanks so much for your comments on the images of the Yemen. That is a most wonderful country and I hope to try and return there one day.
Navimana looks very beautiful. Do many monks live there?

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks for the information. I’ve heard about Western Ghats of India. I have seen some stunning pictures there. Hope to see those places one day. Thanks again for your comments.

Hi Dominic,
I always admire your pictures and thought those taken in Yemen were quite unique.
Navimana is a small 'Aranyaya' with only about 4 monks.
Thanks a lot for dropping by and for your comments!

Louise said...

This is a lovely scene and interesting sky. The greenery is so lush.

Please be so kind to identify your SkyWatch posts clearly and also link back to the SkyWatch site. You may put your link on a badge available at the site for identification, on text or on both.

Thanks so much for sharing your skies with us.

Redzlan said...

Beautiful pix with Plumeria tree as a framed

Glennis said...

Looks a peaceful place just perfect for a retreat for the Monks.

Megan, Life Revamped said...

this is a beautiful place...

have a great week!

here's mypiece of sky!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Louise / Tabib / Glennis / Fickleinpink,

Thanks very much for your comments!