20 July 2009

Thank You

Hi All,

I suddenly realized that it is exactly 6 months for this web log today.
I take this opportunity to thank all my friends who follow this blog and comment on my posts.
It has been a very pleasant journey so far and your valuable comments have been very encouraging for me.
Thanks a million again!

Best Regards,


Janith said...

Congratulations on the bloggerversary Kirigalpoththa and thank you for taking us on this wonderful journey through our country... it has been a pleasure and an honor to read your posts and see your photos... :)

Here's to many more lovely posts! :)

ying_yang said...

Bloggers near and far, thank you for taking us on virtual voyages to amazing locations in Sri Lanka. Congratulations

rainfield61 said...

Yes, as what the Liverpool's fan sing, you are not alone.

Harshi said...

Congratulations! you've made a great progress within just half a year, and of course a big thanks for enlightening us about all the stunning places in Lanka, both famous and non-famous.

Keep up the great work! ^__^

betchai said...

congratulatons, am glad to have found your site and be introduced in your side of the world, it is always interesting to see other places and learn from someone's experiences.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Chavie / ying_yang / Rainfield / Harumi / Betchai,

Thanks all for your very encouraging comments! :)

Best Rgds