04 July 2009

Makeliya Ella

Makeliya Ella (Makeliya Falls) is a beautiful waterfall situated about 10km from Molkawa. This is formed from a tributary of River Kalu which starts from Kalawana side.

The fall is about 50 feet high and situated in a very beautiful surrounding. The fall is receiving water mainly from the South Western Monsoons and it has good amount of water all over the year except Jan - March. There is a slight reduction in water capacity during this period. To my knowledge there are quite a few more waterfalls in the surrounding area as well.

It is truly a beautiful sight!


betchai said...

waterfalls are always special, they always make me excited, somehow that soothing sound from the running and falling water just takes weariness away. and i agree with you, the waterfall above is set in a very beautiful scenery. Can you swim there? I miss swimming by the waterfall (in the Philippines), here in CA, though we have nice waterfalls, but most of the time they're only good to look at since the water is too cold. I love the green framing the waterfall, thanks for sharing your picture.

rainfield61 said...

People here like to sit under the fall for a good natural water massage, but not for this big one. Many of us like to witness and listen to the sound of waterfall, it is soothing.

Harshi said...

It sure is beautiful indeed. Thanks for the info too, haven't heard of that name before.

George said...

This is a very beautiful waterfall. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Kirigalpoththa said...

You can wade in the water, but difficult for a good swim. Also not the safest place i guess. But there is a very good place (formed like a natural pool)for a swim closer to this place. It is situated above the falls.

Yes the water is too strong for a water massage here. There are smaller streams on top of the falls you could get that therapeutic experience. Indeed you can stay at this place and listen to the sound of water for hours!

Me too not heard about this falls much. Wanted to see the other falls close by when i visit again. Im sure those are too beautiful although not that famous..

You are most welcome. I have seen many waterfalls you have shared with us! This is my way of reciprocating :)

Thanks all for your comments!!

Irene said...

Love waterfalls..none where i live..

gigi said...

Thank you for stopping by my place. I'm glad I came over for a visit here. You have some stunning pictures.

Kirigalpoththa said...

May be not waterfalls but your country has some great places..I love to goto woodlands in singapore! Excellent place! Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for visiting and for your comments. You have some great blogs!

aino said...

What a beautiful place.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I suppose some brave hearts would jump from the top of the fall.

My husband is an engineer, he takes us to see water falls when ever he can if there is one.

I suppose you can track all over Sri Lanka in a couple of days. You play Cricket?

Thanks for visiting my site.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks for your comments.

You could cover good part of Sri Lanka within a few days but if you want to visit some of the remote places it will take lot more time. Im not very good in cricket but it is my favourite game as most of Sri Lankans and we do play cricket here whenever we get a chance.
Thanks for your comments and I must say that it is not a good idea at all to jump over this falls.:)

Janith said...

Beautiful pic, and like Harumi, I too hadn't heard of this waterfall before... Thanks for the info K! :)

Sharon said...

You live in a very beautiful place:)

betty-NZ said...

That's a wonderful capture! Waterfalls are magic!

Amila Salgado said...

This is really a beautiful one. I do not recall seeing this. Thanks for sharing.

Harshi said...

Really? then it can't be a famous one ne. Ya, do capture all of the falls and have another slideshow like the rainy blur. =D True.. Lanka is teeming with attractions, and a majority of them are yet to be discovered.

Harshi said...

Really? then it can't be a famous one. Ya, do capture all of the falls and have another slideshow like the rainy blur. =D True.. Lanka is teeming with attractions and a majority of them are yet to be discovered.

Harshi said...

oops! I didn't know you've activated the approval thingy.. and since I didn't see my comment up after I posted it, I thought there was a glitch on my comp and reposted it. Only now I saw that it's awaiting approval.. sorry about that. =D

Anonymous said...

A lovely place! Flowing is very beautiful and soothing.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes it is not a very popular place. I had to travel some distance from Molkawa to find this falls. Recently they have built a platform as well to accommodate visitors.
Tks for your comments!

Thanks for your comments and I love your photos and the blog!

Thanks. Yes they are really magical and very scenic.

It is situated in a bit remote place. Then again most of the waterfalls are situated in remote places. May be that is the reason why they are still looking very pristine. I remember scanning entire Southern section of Horton Plain to find Galagama Falls. Still I do not think I saw it although I found many mini falls in the process.
Thanks for your comments!

Think this place is getting popular now, although it was kind of unheard sometime back. Quite a lot of visitors are coming here now.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have visited many waterfalls but I do not have pictures of most of them. Long time ago when I did most of those visits I didn’t take any cameras.:( But during my recent travels i have collected quite a lot of images and I shall upload them..hopefully as a slideshow.:)

Yes. Think a lot more waterfalls still to be discovered. I remember visiting 'Lanka Ella' sometime back (near Bambarakanda) and I heard that a few more waterfalls are found quite recently in the same area.

Sorry I just added the feature - approval thingy - and couldn’t inform anyone. Sorry about the inconvenience and no worries on reposting of comments :)

Thanks for you comments and I love your photos too!

Jane said...

A very beautiful waterfall, I love to see it and your other excellent photos!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Jane,

Tks a lot for your comments!