11 July 2009

Beautiful Bolgoda Lake

Bolgoda Lake is the largest fresh water body close to Colombo. It is only about 20 kilometers from the city of Colombo and it will take less than 45 minutes to reach here. The lake is full of flora and fauna and makes it an ideal location for environmental studies. Many varieties of birds, fish and other animals could be seen in this area. In certain times of the year jelly fish can also be seen lurking in the waters. The Bolgoda lake area is abundant of mangroves and other vegetation too.

The lake is quite popular for water sports and it has been one of the principal venues for sailing for decades. From the last few years it has popularized as a perfect location for rowing and quite a few national level events are held here nowadays. The University of Moratuwa Rowing team, fondly known as MORA Rowing Team has been instrumental in bringing the sport to this magnificent location and I recently witnessed the 6th Bolgoda Regatta which was won by MORA in grand style.

I have been to this beautiful lake many a times and it is such a tranquil place to enjoy nature. This is a beautiful lake perfect to spend an evening by the banks.

Please click here to see more photos of Bolgoda and some exciting moments from the Bolgoda Regatta 2009 concluded last week end.


Harshi said...

Nice pics.. and yep, it looks great for both relaxing and water sports.

Thanks for the info and the pics. ^__^

Amila Salgado said...

My study contains a book named "A Checklist of Vertebrates of Bolgoda South Lake Area" written by Sanjeewa Ranwella (Rana) and it confirms what you mentioned that this area is good for nature enthusiasts.

Rana Ayya, his wife and babby tragically died when their boat capsised when they were on a trip at the Bolgoda Lake a few years ago. He was a superb naturalist.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes Bolgoda is great for both mental and physical relaxation!

Thanks for the information. Bolgoda has plenty of scope for nature studies. I remember the day I first saw jellyfish there. Couldn believe them in fresh water. I think they have come from the sea with the tide.
Some of the areas are clogged with invading plants like - Japan Jabara. Infact UoM did some experiment on them and to controlling mechanism. Not sure whether it was a success or not.
I have heard about Mr. Ranwella's work and the tragic accident. He was indeed a super naturalist! Pity we lost him during a time we need more people like him..

rainfield61 said...

I felt differently when I was reading about the jelly fish in the lake. Your comment clarify my doubt.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Sorry i could not clarify that in the post earlier. The Lake is connected to the Sea at a place called Panadura.

Think during certain times, jelly fish travel towards the lake as the water is quite salty upto a certain range.

Tks for your comments!

Janith said...

That's a very interesting post K... I've heard rumors from friends of mine who row that Bolgoda has Crocodiles lurking in it... Wanted to know whether this is true? :S

Dave Coulter said...

Lovely...I'd like to visit Sri Lanka one day!

Kirigalpoththa said...

There are crocodiles but those are small ones.
Atleast that is what the fishermen told me.

Never heard them attacking humans or animals.
I have rowed there for years but never seen a single croc yet..:)

Janith said...

Thanks for that info K... Good to know that they don't attack humans... :) and I didn't know that you were an Oarsmen! That's very cool! :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments!
You are most welcome to visit SL! Saw your blog and i'm very impressed!

I did rowing for quite a few years and learnt so much about team work from that wonderful sport.

betchai said...

wow, i did not know before the jelly fish can exist in a lake, and i thought they are only limited to oceans. thanks a lot for sharing the information.
it looks very peaceful indeed to enjoy and be one with nature.

SandyCarlson said...

That looks like a very peaceful place.

Kirigalpoththa said...

I too was very puzzled on the day I saw them. Did n have a camera to capture them as i was in the middle of the lake in a boat.
The Lake is connected to the Sea at a place called Panadura. Think during certain times, jelly fish travel towards the lake as the water is quite salty upto a certain range.
Tks for your comments!

Thanks a lot for your comments and saw your very interesting blogs too!

Unknown said...

It does indeed look tranquil ... abeautiful place to go and just relax and regain one's balance..

Very cool shot !

Kirigalpoththa said...


Thanks a lot for visitng my blog and for your comments!

Tammie Lee said...

Your photo holds a spirit that feels serene, to me.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi There, We're home after a wonderful weekend in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains. I'll post in the morning.

Beautiful lake....Love that sunset also.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments!

Glad you had a great time over the weekend.
Waiting to see the photos of your latest visit :)
I had a good wkend too and thanks a lot for your comments!

sbarrkum said...

First: Sanjeewa Ranwella and family died on what I call the Lower/South Bolgoda lake. Its the part of the Bolgoda south of Panadura Bandaragama Road (A8) and west of the Bandaragama Waskaduwa (Kalutara) Road (B216). For some reason (I think its a topographical gap, you can see Sri Pada from Gonaduwa) south Bolgoda Lake becomes very windy (specially) during the monsoon season (windsurfers note). Thats what happened, the wind picked up very intensly and before the family could head back the boat overturned (it was a shallow dugout canoe). They were literally a few 100 feet from the family house. You get to that part of the Lake from Gonaduwa on the B216.

The Lower Bolgoda Lake is connected to the Upper Bolgoda lake by the Kapu-Ela and the Kapu-Ela crosses the A8 at Alubomulla. The South Bolgoda lake also connects to the Kalu Ganga thru the Aluth-Ela (Aluth-Ela crosses B216 at Gonaduwa). Drainage of the South Bolgoda lake is thru the Talpitiya Ganga, which enters the sea just North of Wadduwa (just adjoining the Blue Lagoon/Waters hotel, a garishly blue painted hotel on the Galle Road).

Till about 30 years ago most of the timber for the Carpentry Industry around Moratuwa used to be brought along rafts (i.e. tie a couple of tree trunks together) from Ratnapura etc along the Kalu Ganga, Aluth-Ela, Kapu-Ela to Bolgoda Lake and Panadura Ganga.

sbarrkum said...

certain times of the year jelly fish can also be seen lurking in the waters.

This is because of whats is technically called salt water intrusion. There are many reasons for why this could occur.

In Sri Lanka its mainly because of river/estuary sand mining. This causes the river bed to be lower than sea level. So when its high tide or low river flow the sea water flows into the river. In the Gin Ganga the salt water water can be detected all the way to Baddegama.

Here comes one of my favorite agendas. Stop using cement blocks. Thats the only way river sand mining can be reduced. Use Compressed Earth Block for construction cooler, stronger and more environment friendly than Cement block. More info on Compressed Earth Blocks here

George said...

This is a beautiful picture of the lake with the sun on the horizon. This looks like a very tranquil and serene time to be on this lake.

Kirigalpoththa said...


I am amazed to see your knowledge about the locality. :)

Thanks a lot for all the clarifications and information, especially the ‘Jelly fish in freshwater’ matter.
Infact you gave a similar detailed account on Paru Palam of Sri Lanka a few weeks back.

I was quite impressed with your property - Serene Lake Cottages and website.

It looks like saltwater intrusion into rivers and lakes is more severe than I first understood. Think compressed Earth Block (CEB) is much better alternative for cement block and I will study that more for sure.

BTW it is sad to hear that you plan to sell this property although you have good enough reasons to do so.

Thanks again for your valuable insights.

Kirigalpoththa said...

The evenings are the best to be by the side of this lake.
Thanks for your comments as always!

srp said...

Beautiful and tranquil shot. I love sunsets over water and the reflections of the shore.
Mr. Linky is broken.. again... so my Watery Wednesday is HERE.

Kirigalpoththa said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments! Hope Mr.Linky will be up and running soon :)

Amila Kanchana said...

I was born in Panadura and grew up loving the lake. This is the first time I ever came across my beloved lake online. I can't thank you enough for that!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Eventhough I come from a different part of the country I have spent good part of my life close to Bolgoda. It always carry lots of fond memories. Will write more about bolgoda in future too.

You are most welcome and tks for your comments :)