13 May 2009

Sea Breeze

This picture was taken near Arugam Bay closer to Ulla Point. The picture here would show you that the wind is not so gentle near the beach!

June to July is the season for water sports here and thousands of foreigners come here to enjoy this excellent beach. It is a great place to enjoy water currents as well as strong winds!


Kalusudda said...

AB, I have been! Love the place. Hope it will come alive soon without all the trouble it had in the past. I want to do kite surfing next time! :)

Dilsiri Welikala said...

true kirigalpoththa, we were there last weekend. amazing time. kalusudda, the next time you are in lanka call me. http://kitesurfsrilanka.blogspot.com/2009/05/faith-kiteboarding-cruises-in-arugam.html

Kirigalpoththa said...


Think people have started moving there in big number already! Hope you would be able to spend quality time when you visit there next with lots of kitesurfing..

Saw your blog and the great fun you had there!
I also want to try kite surfing next time :)

Tks both of you for comments!

Harshi said...

Nice pic. With that kinda wind, it'll definitely attract lots of surfers for sure. =D

And the site about kitesurfing seems very informative too. Great way to boost our tourism.

Kirigalpoththa said...


Arugam Bay is a place where any visitor would come for the second time. There are tourists who come here every year especially during the season

I too read Dilsiri's accounts on kitesurfing with great interest.

Thanks for your comments!

Harshi said...

You're welcome.

Really? Well.. I knew about surfing but not about kitesurfing, so yep, I've learned something new. =D

oh and good to hear there's a boom in our tourism again..

Dilsiri Welikala said...

haha, sadly end of the season. fingers crossed when we go to abay again for a session in sept. harumi and kirigalpotta, you are welcome to join us on the next trip and perhaps get a glimps and insight to the sport.

send me and email - its on the blog.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Dilsiri,
Thanks a lot for the invitation.
Keep us posted when you go next.
Kitesurfing looks out of this world:)

Harshi said...

Thanks a lot Dili.. but don't think I'll be able to take part. Anyway best of luck in your endeavor and have a wonderful time out there! ^__^