23 May 2009

Rainy Seasons

The climate and weather patterns are changing globally and it is true for Sri Lanka as well. Still we can identify distinct rainy periods according to the region.

Usually February and March are dry months. The famous Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) climbing period falls during this time because of the dryer and better weather.

April is the month of thunder and lightning. During this period we experience quite a lot of rain mainly during the evening.

May and June is the typical monsoon season in Sri Lanka. There will be heavy rain from the South Western Monsoon Winds. Travelling in the wet lands in the Western part and the hill country will be more difficult during this period. So this is not the best period for hiking unless you like to be in the middle of a jungle during torrential rain.

After the monsoons, the month of August would be dry and latter part of monsoon may bring heavy rain in September.

Usually October is a good month for travelling. North Eastern monsoon starts in November, which brings rain mostly for Eastern and Northern face of the hill country.

December would be generally chilly and windy.


Anonymous said...

the rainy season did come pretty late this time around... maybe a sign of global warming? :)

Harshi said...

@ KGP: No pics this time?! =D

Anyway nice comprehensive post about Lankan weather patterns.

oh and I did check your hiking album.. you seem to have done tons of hiking and trekking to get all those pics ne? Awesome pics by the way.. great work and keep it up!

@ Chavie: I think it's a concoction of El Nino, global warming, green house effect and ozone breaching.. *if that makes any sense..* and.. you could also say that, we've done enough damage to mother nature and this is the payback time..! -__-

Chavie said...

@Harumi hehe exactly what I meant! ;D and yes, we're foolish to believe that all the things we've done to mother nature will go unpunished... :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yep, it is late this time and the real monsoon still to come..

Global warming - I'm still not understanding the exact effects of global warming .. Especially this cooling thing with global warming is still beyond me. But definitely with higher temperatures the weather patterns should go erratic and climatic changes should happen.

Thought of posting one without a picture once in a while :)
Glad you like the album photos. Yep those includes quite a lot of travels :)

To my knowledge ozone breaching and green house effect hav hasten global warming and El Nino is one of the results of those.

Harshi said...

Yep, I thought so.

And yeah.. that's the proper way to describe it. =D

Chavie said...

Comment made on 2009-05-23T20:55:58.985+05:30

the rainy season did come pretty late this time around... maybe a sign of global warming? :)