03 May 2009

Green, Green Grass Lands

This picture of beautiful grass land was taken in Horton Plains. Grass lands are bordered by thick forests. These lands are home for many wild animals. Herds of Sambhurs are a common site in these areas and there are quite a few carnivores living here. Although it is not an easy task to spot them, a few leopards also roam these grass lands.


Kalusudda said...

I love Horton Plains. I have visited it a few times as it is close to my Grand Ma's place. Thank you for sharing the photo!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Your grand ma is very lucky to live closer to such an enthralling place!

I too have gone there many a times but everytime it gives a newer n fresher experience..Think nature is like that..So much in store..!

Harshi said...

Nice pic and thanks for sharing.

And yeah, living in its neighborhood is a privilege indeed. Makes you feel like you have a paradise, all to yourself. =D

dev wijewardane said...

Horton Plains is amazing. The only thing that ticks me off is the rubbish that people seem to leave behind. Is it that hard to clean up?

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Dev,
It is not that hard to clean up for sure, but then again need to concentrate more on preventive mechanisms. Atleast now they have started very stern rules where no one is allowed to take any polythene or plastic throw away items. Thanks for your comments!