02 April 2009

Night Sky from Horton Plains

Stargazing is a very relaxing thing to do. In fact it gives you a mystic feeling that you are closer to cosmic objects, far away from the Earth. To view stars and other celestial objects you need a clear sky away from street lighting and other light sources. The best option is to wander into a woodland and pitch a tent and start observing the sky. If it is a clear day with no clouds, it will be a night to remember. You will see millions of stars and planets. If you are lucky you will see the Milkyway or a few shooting stars.

Horton Plains is a wonderful place for stargazing. There won’t be any single drop of light from artificial sources. It will be bitterly cold at night but, if there are no clouds in the sky and less moonlight you are there for a treat for sure!


Anonymous said...

this is a very unusual photo of the moon, i can just imagine the feeling you have when camping under moonlight!even if stars will not be visible i bet the moon is a sight to live for...

thanks for uploading

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes it was a day closer to full moon and could not see all the stars as moon light was quite strong. But still I cherished the few hours on the moon lit plain.