20 April 2009

Camping on Top of Bambarakanda Falls

Bambarakanda waterfall and surrounding area is a magnificent place for hiking and camping.

Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka which has a vertical fall about 800 feet. On top of the waterfall it has two smaller steps which are not visible from the foot of the fall.

First, you have to pass the foot of the falls and walk further up towards Ohiya along Kalupahana – Ohiya Road. After climbing about 1000 feet you can get to the top of the fall by cutting across rather thick forest towards the falls.

There is limited flat area to pitch a tent but you can pitch a medium or small size tent with difficulty. Constant gushing wind in this point will make it even more difficult to pitch a tent. There is a small pool of water at the top. On one corner of the pool is bordered by a fair precipice. This is the top most step above Bambarakanda Falls which is visible only if you look at it from a higher altitude. You have to climb either Gonamolli Kanda or Wangedigala to view this complete scenery.

A night at the top of the falls will be a memorable one for any hiker who likes a bit of adventure!


Anonymous said...

Do you have photo's?
would be nice to see if you've got a link handy.

Chavie said...

Kirigalpoththa, I've been meaning to ask you. How's the road condition leading up from Kalupahana to Bambarakanda falls? Is it only passable in a 4 Wheel Drive?

Kirigalpoththa said...

I have a photo stream here. But I have not added full set of Bambarakanda yet. Will add them soon.
Thanks for the comments

In Dec 07, I went up to Bambarakanda by car. But the road condition was quite bad those days! Later I went on that road in a 4 Wheel and it was very easy. The road was redone about a year ago so conditions are now better than 2007, but already it has started to deteriorate at some places. A few days ago Nissan March went up to the falls. So a car can make it but the best option is a 4WD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info K! I have only been to Bambarakanda once a long time ago, and in those days the road was almost impassable except for a 4WD... Thanks again! :)

Kalusudda said...

Man That looks inviting rock climb! I will be going to Yosemite this weekend as snow is beginning to melt but my favorite place, glacier point is still closed due to snow. (But we had record heat today in the bay area, yesterday we set a new record with 29.4C) I will do some climbing and then ski a bit.

Kirigalpoththa said...

You are welcome!

Yes it is a good place for rockclimbing but I doubt anyone has tried that lately. You are lucky to be close to Yosemite. Hope you will be able to have some quality time there during the weekend. Have fun mate!

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you for yur visit. Nice view of nature.

sumedha Obeysekera said...

I am suggesting going on foot from the Badulla Bus road to the Bambarakanda ella and it is very nice hike with beautiful surrounding. If you wish to climb up to Horton plains via Bambarakanda, definitely you should try a 4WD.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks for your comments and visit to my blog.

Indeed it is absolutely a splendid walk upwards from Kalupahana (On Badulla Road). Since you mention it I must add a picture taken on that road in my next post. Bambarakanda to Horton stretch is only for 4WD. Even in a 4WD it is never a drive for a tenderfoot.

Thanks for your comments and sharing your experience mate!

Deann said...

Beautiful photo... it looks like Sri Lanka is a great place to explore!

P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks for your comments!
Yes. Sri Lanka is indeed a great place to explore!!

Anil Pathmaperuma said...

Hi !
I like your Blog. I have just started mine. It's all about Sri Lanka. Take a look.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thanks for your comments!
Great to see you start your blog on Sri Lanka!
Keep it up and my best wishes!!

Chavie said...

Comment made on 2009-04-21T10:45:54.106+05:30

Thanks for the info K! I have only been to Bambarakanda once a long time ago, and in those days the road was almost impassable except for a 4WD... Thanks again! :)

Amila Kanchana said...

Some thing to accomplish in a lifetime!