08 March 2009

Tree Ferns

Tree ferns can be seen in the forests in Nuwara Eliya and most of the high altitude areas of Sri Lanka. These are one of the oldest of the ancestors of trees, with sciencetific evidence that go as far as pre dinosaur era.

These trees some time grow more than 20 feet and give a unique splendor to the forests in the central highlands.


myblackfriendsays said...

I've never seen a tree that looks like that before.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes. It is not a common tree. Usually it is found in tropical and subtropical areas. Also quite a few fern tree species are found in Australia and New Zealand.

You do not see them everywhere in Sri Lanka. But in central highlands, I found them in abundance!

scillywebcam said...

I love treeferns, I have one in my garden, its only about 5ft tall but I love it! its a rescue one from Tasmania.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Wonderful! I would be proud to have a treefern in my garden!!