17 March 2009

Path Finding Tips

When you walk in the jungle or lonely paths there is a high possibility of getting lost. I have jotted down some simple tips that may help to reduce that risk.

1. Never walk after dusk in jungles or where there are no villagers.
2. Always keep a track of streams that you pass by.
3. Whenever you had to move out of a footpath always look ‘behind’ and try to keep a track of all the significant landmarks you pass by.
4. Try to keep a map of the area, before you embark on your hike.
5. Get hold of a good compass and estimate the directions and your location.
6. Learn some of the navigational methods like triangulation.
7. If you have a GPS it is easy. Just mark the coordinates where you start the hike.

I have lost my way quite a few times but some of the above practice has helped me to get back on my track.

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