04 March 2009

Lonely Beach at Sangamankanda Point

If you are looking for a lonely but beautiful beach for camping, this is an ideal location. At Sangamankanda Point, I saw miles and miles of sandy beach and not a soul around. In fact this is known as the East most point in Sri Lanka.

This is close to Potuvil - Batticaloa (A4) road and it lies about 25km from Potuvil towards Akkaraipattu. The main road does not go close to the beach, so you have to turn towards the sea side and travel further 3-4 km on a gravel track. For the last bit, you may need to walk through an open land where there is no roads but only footpaths.

At the beach you will see an abondoned lighthouse. From there you will see endless beaches on both sides. One notable feature about Eastern beaches is that it has wider beaches than Southern or Western beaches. Here at Sangamankanda, the beach is over 100m wide.

This place is a real treat for a hiker!


Anonymous said...

This is the widest beach i have seen in Sri lanka, hope i will get to go there some time soon.thanks for posting

Kirigalpoththa said...

What I have heard is that in the Eastern coast beaches are gettting wider slowly. This is the opposite of western beaches. There you face coastal erosion..