24 March 2009

The Land of Unmatched Splendour

Sri Lanka is unique in many ways. These dimensions include culture, geographical location, people and many more.

The natural beauty and the environment is also unparallel compared to anywhere else. Lots of people believe it has the potential to be the no.1 tourist location in the future. There can be only a handful of places that has better potential for eco-tourism and medical tourism. To my knowledge this exclusivity is attained due to some of the key points mentioned below.

1. The change of climate, geography and vegetation within a small distance.
2. More predictable weather patterns.
3. Warm tropical climate subdued to a cooler ambiance due to the sea around the island.
4. Highlands in the centre and low lands in the perimeter - This distributes water more equally. Most of the rivers start from the central highlands and runs radially across the country till they meet the sea.
5. Massive water fronts from the east, west and south - this brings rain throughout the year from two monsoons.
6. Not proned to natural disasters like volcanoes, bushfires, earthquakes and hurricanes.
7. One of the highest concentration of waterfalls in the world - Central highlands.
8. One of the highest concentration of wild animals - Just visit any of the wild nature reserves in Sri Lanka.

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