11 March 2009

Horton Plains

This is a unique place for hiking in Sri Lanka. The cool climate will add spice to this picturesque venue. In Sinhala this is known as 'Maha-Eliya'.

There are many routes to this place and more famous ones are via Nuwara Eliya and Haputhale. This is situated aound 7000 feet above sea level, so easily it becomes the highest plain in Sri Lanka. You can reach here by train as well. It is only 7km to the plain from Pattipola Station.

There are three camp sites which can be reserved from the Department of Wild Life. All three sites are really good and I recommend you the one closer to Chimney Pool, which is one of the best camping sites I have ever been.

The total area of the plain (Nature Reserve) is more than 25 sq.km and most area is covered with rich coarse grass. Also there are good amount of forest patches everywhere. These are full of typical short trees with small leaves accustomed to windy and cold climates here. The undergrowth is very thick and walking in these forests is not easy. The same forests and grass land are home for many wild animals

There is no limit to beautiful places that you can visit here. Some of the prominent locations are listed below but there are many more.

1. World's End (a precipice with over 1000m drop)
2. Baker's Falls
3. Kirigalpoththa Mountain Trail
4. Thotupola Mountain Trail

In simple words, Horton Plains is a paradise for hikers!


Anonymous said...

I have been to Horton plains several times. it is quite unusual landscape to anywhere else in the country i have ever seen. And the weather is so perfect.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Yes. May be at the top of Knuckles range you see similar vegetation but not as vast plains as in Horton. It is one unique place!