22 February 2009

A Guest in the Wild

I once mentioned that a good hiker is a nature lover. It is very important to put an honest effort to protect the nature. We should let our offspring enjoy the nature as much as we do.

Never cut down trees for no reason. I have not chopped down even a branch of a tree during my last 14 years of hiking.

By no means, kill wild animals for fun or even for food. Never harm them even if they are vicious or poisonous. Remember it is you, the guest, in their territory. Never disturb their peace even to take a photograph. At all points avoid making unnecessary noises in the jungle. Animals always prefer peace of mind. In no way behave in a foolish manner, so that wild animals get irritated. Just be a silent onlooker!

Try to use some simple techniques to stay away from possible harmful animals. Wearing boots that cover up to your ankles is essential, while walking in tropical jungles. Also if you walk with heavy foot steps, any snake on your path will move out swiftly. Remember animals usually attack humans for self defense and that too when they get really scared or annoyed.

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