21 January 2009

Sunset on the Beaches of Negombo

Sri Lanka is famous for its golden beaches. A stroll along the beach in the evening is always refreshing.

Allthough beaches all around the island are brilliant, the best beaches for a hiker would be the ones in the eastern coastal belt. The more famous western and southern beaches are good for an evening walk or for just rlaxation.

The setting sun paints one of the most colourful sights only seconding to Northern lights - Aurora.


Unknown said...

Brilliant work! Would love to see this grow from strength to strength.

If there's anyway I can contribute, please let it be known... (you got a cousin who
s an avid photographer...)


Kirigalpoththa said...

@ Prasanna

Thanks a lot for the comments!
I'd love to get contribution from you..:)
That will be great!

Amaris in Wonderland said...

Wow! What a beautiful sunset! The colors are so vivid... Is it always like this, or only during certain seasons?

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Amaris,
As far as I remember I get to see similar colours everytime I stay near a beach in an evening. No seasonal thing. Depending the cloud pattern of the particular time the scenery gets even more beautiful.