21 January 2009

Saptha Kanya

Those who like a bit more strenuous hike, this is the place. Saptha Kanya: It was famous for the tragic aeroplane accident happened 3 decades ago.

Saptha Kanya (Seven Virgins) is given this name as there are seven mountain tops. 5 mountains are quite visible and the other two lies further away. After passing Ginigathhena on A7 road, travel further 5km towards Hatton and take a turn to the right. This road is leading upto Nortonbridge. Saptha Kanya can be reached from this road. Alternatively you may turn from Kalugala on A7 and again turn to the right towards Maussakelle/Maskeliya before Norton Bridge.

Climbing to the top will be quite difficult but even halfway journey would be rewarding.


Unknown said...

Angammedilla is the place where the Angamedilla canal is stated and it is running down to the parakrama samudraya.you can reach to the Angammedilla from polonnaruwa-newtown-Kalahagala-Angammedila or from Dambulla-Kandalama-Kottapitiya-Attanakadawala-Diggalpitiya-Anagammedilla.it is easy wy from polonnaruwa.it is placed about 15-18km away from polonnaruwa town.all you are invited to visit it.thank you

Dr.Indika Gunwardhane
No 348,Angammedilla,Kalahagala,Polonnaruwa

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Medico,
Thanks very much for this information. I'll drop in if I come that way :)