20 January 2009


This is one of the most fascinating area for hiking. In addition to the famous fall, there are number of tracks leading to exciting places in Horton Plains from here. also there are number of mountains, water falls and streams surrounding this area which would make a hikers a day an unforgettable one.

The simplest way to reach this place is via Colombo - Batticaloa (A4) main road. You have to go pass Belihuloya and reach a small junction called Kalupahana. From Kalupahana you have to take the left turn. This narrow but winding road will take you through one of the most beautiful areas in Sri Lanka with breathtaking beauty. The waterfall, Bambarakanda, the tallest in Sri Lanka lies around 5 km from Kalupahana junction. The same road will take you upto Horton Place and Ohiya but it will need many similar posts to describe the entire journey from Kalupahana to Ohiya, which I will do on a later date.

There is a small but nice lodge close to the foot of the waterfall. From the lodge you can see the waterfall quite clearly and it is one of the best sights in Sri Lanka.

There are number of locations that a hiker could travel from this point. I will name a few of those and try to do an elaborate description later.
  • Wangedigala - Half a day hike for an experienced hiker. The whole of Lower Ohiya valley is visible from the top

  • Balathoduwa and Gonmolli Kanda - Further away from Wangedigala.

  • Lanka Ella - The pool below the waterfall has a shape like Sri Lanka. 2 Hours walk from Bambarakanda Falls

  • Seven Basins - 1 hour (or less) walk from the Bambarakanda Falls. Excellent place to experience cool spring water!


Jim said...

Great waterfall.
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Kirigalpoththa said...

J Bar,

RH said...

This is quite high?? Nice little waterfall!

Regina said...

That's a beautiful flowing water.

Gemma Wiseman said...

These falls are so lovely! It must be wonderful to see fresh water tumbling from a great height!

Anonymous said...

How nice!

Happy WW

Tammie Lee said...

This looks like a lovely waterfall and a wonderful day to be there.

Kirigalpoththa said...

This is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka standing as tall as 800 feet :)

Yep, the flow is even better during rainy season..

Greyscale Territory,
For me waterfall are one of the most wonderful sights on this planet

Happy WW to you too!

Indeed it was a wonderful day :)

Thanks all for your wonderful comments!